Dear Customers

Update as of 25th July

As of now everything is back to normal as far as Aerocraft Models is concerned. The supplies are on regular supply and most items are in stock. As always my stock is a rolling stock, so what that means is that I keep all items open for ordering at all time, unless I know that an item cannot be mailed out to you within a 3 week period from date of order. Most orders are sent within a week to ten days, from date of order, but many are sent much sooner than that. 

However please do note that shipping is taking longer than it did before COVID, but the very long delays of the past few months do seem to have cleared up.

From what I can gather European orders are taking 2-3weeks to arrive and USA, Australia, New Zealand and other countries from the UK are taking between 3-5 weeks.

Please do remember unless you request tracked shipping, once I have notified you that it is in the mail I have no way of telling where the parcel is or any expected date of arrival.

Update as of 25th March

All outstanding orders have been mailed out today. The Post Offices remain open as of this time so as long as do I will mail out any orders that are possible. To assist a few sets that are now temporally sold out due to supply chain are now marked as such and cannot be ordered via the website. Please email me if you would like to order of these items and i will ensure that you receive them as soon as production is restarted. At this point in time any and all resin sets should be available, but will still be subject to a possible 3 week turn around time from date of order, most will be a lot sooner.

24th March

As of today that being the 24th March 2020, I need to inform all customers that I am keeping ALL products open to order, however I cannot guarantee when any orders will be able to be mailed out.

As like all companies I would like to retain all orders even if these are to be only sent out at a future date, however I will work with all of you to enable the best solution for each customers needs.

I have just communicated with the brass casting company and they to have decided to stop production as of today, due to U.K. restrictions now imposed, so no new stock will arrive from them until the situation changes.

The orders that I have currently (before 11am 24th March) I will endeavour to mail these out in the next day or two.

Any orders placed as of now that being after 11am U.K. time on the 24th March I will email you with what can be supplied and IF the postal system is still accepting parcels.

Should I not be able to supply or mail out, I will do an immediate refund to your PayPal, so nobody looses out. As I will only be mailing out twice a week you it may take a few days before I know if the local post office is still working. 

I would also urge you to read the TERMS tab if you would like tracked shipping.

However if you would like to ensure that you receive any product /s as soon as normality returns I will do a refund for the full amount less a £5.00 deposit that I will hold against the order, then when things return to normal we can sort out the outstanding amount and ensure your order is sent out as quickly as possible. However if you want to leave the full payment amount with me for the order then that is also acceptable.

I do trust that we can work through this together and I will do the best that I can to meet the requirements of each order the best way that I can. 

Please do stay in touch and email me with any further questions.

Please all stay safe and look after yourselves and loved ones.