• Image of Airfix Hellcat tyres (CROSS HATCH TYPE)

New 3D drawn and printed tyres are now available in three different tread patterns, which are a vast improvement over the ones supplied in the kit.
You will note that there are tyre brands printed on the sidewalls, both with slight variations for obvious reasons BUT they have been added with a slight spacing adjustment so that you the modeller can correct them in less that 30 seconds......
Only the tyres are supplied as these just slide over the kit hubs that have a slight taper to them, these parts have the same design dimensions incorporated into them, therefore just a simple addition to the kit.

Please note current picture shows the masters in primer paint, these will be cast in grey resin.

Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing. I will email as soon as I have shipped the parts.

This set will not be mailed out before the week of the 16th September 2019, but the pre-orders are now open.