• Image of De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth brass undercarriage
  • Image of De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth brass undercarriage


This is a brass cast undercarriage strut set for ICM kits. I wanted to have a little more detail to show the very distinct universal joints in the centre of the main undercarriage. To achieve this I decide the best way would be to draw the new undercarriage in 3D, print the part and send that to the caster. See the 3D drawing showing the detail I included, almost all of it has appeared in the brass part.
I am really pleased with the outcome, a great improvement to the linkage and to the spring ‘boots’, and nice and strong.
The plastic support struts for the main undercarriage are to be used from the kit. You will also note that I have given a good length for the locating pegs allowing a good strong join to the kit parts. I then carefully modified the kit tail skid, this will allow it to be posed with the rudder at an angle if desired, only a small amount of work will be needed for that to happen.

Note you will need to clean up some casting sprue gates from the parts and the odd small brass 'inclusions' that may appear through the casting process.

Please do allow the standard 2-3 weeks order processing time.