• Image of Hawker Hunter F.5 Corrected Spine for Airfix kit


This is a new part to correct the spine on the F.5 kit by Airfix. as the kit is configured as a Mk.6/9.
Many of us including myself thought that the central fuselage section between the early Hunters were the same and or very similar. All drawings that I have or know of show the ducts / vents in the same place, or are very vague.

After some comments from friends Dennis Robertson and Mark Gauntlett, saying that the F.2 and the F.5 were different (they had Sapphire engines fitted) I started to do some more research and once again, Mark came up with the information.
Clear information is very difficult to come by as the F.2 and F.5 did not stay long in service, and to get pictures of the top plan is not easy. However I think with the few that mark found I have now got a good representation for the F.5.
The spine has a exhaust on the port side, and this did make a big black dirty mark down the fuselage, if you note there is a small round plug type part included on the casting stub. This is a small 'cover / plug' to be placed in the exhaust hole when on the ground.
Thanks to Mark Gauntlett who assisted with information.
Please do see other listings as there are more new sets for the Hunter.

Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing.
I will email as soon as I have shipped the parts.