• Image of Spitfire Mk.XIV Upgraded Undercarriage set (Airfix)


This is a brass cast undercarriage set for the new Airfix Mk.XIV Spitfire.
These parts have been slightly modified, for a more precise fit, other that that they are the same as the kit parts, but they are far more robust, for parts that always seem to get broken, when handling models.

Along with the three brass undercarriage parts, there are two location blocks for the undercarriage, these are the parts that were moulded on the fuselage halves but as they are now reproduced in resin they can be fitted to the wheel wells in the wings making assembly a lot easier. However the locations points have had very minor adjustment carried out to them, what this means is that the new brass parts have a much more positive precise location than when the kit parts are used.

Note you will need to clean up some casting sprue gates from the parts and the odd small brass 'inclusions' that may appear through the casting process.

Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing. I will email as soon as I have shipped the parts.