Please note even in normal times of trading that all my products say to allow THREE weeks for manufacturing. So to explain, I usually hold quite a fair stock on my products, more on some than others which is very obvious, just like any store. However all of a sudden a review gets done or a modeller posts a completed model on a forum using my product then there is an influx of orders, that may only be say 5-10 of a particular set but I only have say 5 in stock, therefore it is quickly sold out of active stock.

All my brass casting is done by a specialist brass casting company. If I sell out of a particular set I need to allow them time to cast more and for them to deliver those to me, as a general rule this is a THREE week turn around. Mostly I am ahead of the time line and already have the next production batch on the way to me.

As far as the resin cast products are concerned I have a friend who casts up the majority of the sets and that then also follows a similar ONE-TWO week turn around from order stage.

I do all the clear casting and some of normal grey resin casting, and usually I can supply and react on the demand as needed.

Decals are on a much stricter control as can be imagined I cannot just order 5 or 10 at a time, and on an add hoc basis, so these may then show as out of stock, but may be restocked in the future.

Usually to add to the above I mail out 2 -3 times a week, as this is not a full time business so I work around my full time job.


Please note that all my shipping / postal rates are very reasonable especially if a few products are purchased together.

All orders in the United Kingdom are sent out via SECOND CLASS mail as normal procedure. Should you require an alternative service please do contact me via email as on placing the order. We can then resolve what your requirements are and sort out any additional costs.

All INTERNATIONAL orders are sent out via ROYAL MAIL service, this is the standard service and DOES NOT have any tracking and or INSURED value. Should you want or need or require any of these services then please contact me via email me on placing the order. To keep it simple at this stage to send a tracked item to any destination out with the U.K. the additional cost is £8.00. So if required I will send a PayPal invoice to cover this OR you could send that at the time of your order, the PayPal email address is

PLEASE NOTE if you do not take tracked for shipping I do not know where your parcel may be, and many times a delayed parcel may very well be within your countries postal service.


This is always very difficult to know and estimate, however after mailing orders out over the last 15 years or so here are some guidance times. As I mail out your order you will receive an email, this maybe within a 24 period before or after it actually is mailed.

European delivery usually allow 1-2 weeks

USA, Canada, Japan delivery usually allow 2-3 weeks

Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa  and other countries allow 3-4 weeks.

Obviously these are only guide lines and can vary quite a lot. 

ONCE a parcel has been sent I have no way of updating you UNLESS you have taken the tracked option. I cannot lodge a LOST parcel for at least 28 WORKING days from date of dispatch.

On the positive side in all the years and thousands for items mailed very few have been lost and or destroyed etc. however I am always here to help and resolve any issues.